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Taking Care of Your Home After Water Damage

11/26/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in a home. Call a professional team if your Bath, NC home suffers a water disaster.

A water disaster is often unexpected and overwhelming for homeowners. The immediate shock of the event leaves families reeling, trying to salvage what they can after a broken pipe or other water issues lead to flooding in the home. While shocking, it is crucial to excavate water in the home before it turns into a more extensive problem, like mold infestations. It is best to contact a remediation specialist in Bath, NC, for assistance when you need to recover after a water disaster. These professionals perform several services to help you through the recovery process:

  • Property assessment
  • Water excavation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Property restoration

Why You Should Call a Professional To Help With a Broken Pipe Repair

With the rising popularity of DIY methods and the self-sufficient homeowner, most people would rather fix a plumbing problem themselves than hire a competent professional. However, while being self-sufficient is an admirable trait, it is best to hire an experienced professional to ensure any issues are resolved correctly when it comes to your home's essential systems.

Pipe Breaks Can Lead To Extensive Cleanup

While some plumbing issues do not require much effort to clean up and repair, breaks often come with extensive problems, including flooding. The significant cleanup can often be too much for a homeowner to deal with alone, especially when time is of the essence.

Many homeowners know that mold can stem from water problems, but many fail to acknowledge that mold can begin to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours after water exposure. Therefore, an immediate and thorough response is necessary to prevent future concerns when dealing with a break.

Remediation companies come prepared to water disasters with pumps, shop vacs, and pump trucks. They also arrive with fans and air movers. With their equipment, professionals are capable of removing water from a property quicker than most homeowners can alone.

Cleanup Is Just As Crucial As Water Removal

It is not enough to remove excess water from the home; you will also need to clean and sanitize the space. Even when water comes from a clean source, the water will not remain clean for long. Too many property owners think that just mopping up excess water is good enough. Still, if the water sits on the floor and is combined with other chemicals, organisms, or materials, it is not a clean water source, meaning disinfection is necessary.

A professional mitigation company can help assess the water to determine its category and contamination level. Once they understand the potential risks of water exposure, they can clean and clear the area. The methods a professional uses to remove water will depend on the level of contamination, which is another reason the average homeowner should not attempt water cleanup alone.

A broken pipe often results in a flood from a clean water source. While some homeowners might feel confident in attempting a repair alone, the contamination and repair difficulty should be enough to discourage DIY methods. Do not let ego or cost affect your decision to have a professional repair your property.

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