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Is It Necessary To Call a Restoration Company for a Pipe Burst Cleanup?

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

Worker holding a wrench. We are always ready for a pipe burst cleanup in your Bath, NC building.

Not every pipe burst cleanup will require the skilled and qualified hands of a professional mitigation company in Bath, NC. Sometimes, a pipe burst might occur under a facility sink with PVC connectors, which are easy enough to reconnect and seal. However, some situations will require a professional, and knowing when to call them in is not always obvious.

3 Reasons To Call an Expert for a Pipe Burst Cleanup

A broken pipe, a split in the supply line; each problem is a potential cause for alarm and need for a professional plumber or technician. However, who you call and how you respond often have to do with the severity of the problem and your personal skills.

Knowing when to call a professional is not always easy, but there are ways to assess whether you need a skilled tradesperson or you can resolve the issues on your own. For commercial facilities, there are three ways to determine the need for a professional technician.

1. Water Category

The primary factor determining the need for a sewer cleanup company or in-house cleanup is the water category. Water disasters occur at three category levels. Category one is clean water, and depending on the severity of the damage, you can ask your maintenance to resolve the issue.

Category two is gray water, meaning it is slightly contaminated. With category two, it is best to hire a professional. If you choose to clean gray water, make sure you wear appropriate protective clothing.

Category three is black water. It is the most contaminated and dangerous of all flood categories. Category three floods typically stem from sewage backups. You should never handle category three water. Always hire a professional.

2. Insurance Claim

If the water damage is extensive enough that you will file an insurance claim, you will probably want to hire a professional for the cleanup. In fact, your commercial insurance provider will typically insist on a professional cleanup and restoration.

Before an insurance company will payout on a claim, it ensures the work is guaranteed and performed by a professional. The company does not want to get a claim request later for issues that should have been resolved with an initial plumbing repair.

3. Restoration

While minor leaks are easy enough to repair without concern over significant restoration efforts, major disasters, like a burst pipe, can damage other building elements, from walls to flooring. A professional restoration company is more capable of repairing structural and cosmetic damage. In fact, some companies pride themselves on restoring your property to pre-disaster conditions, "Like it never even happened."

A pipe burst cleanup does not always require a professional restoration company, but it depends on the size and amount of damage. Minor issues, like a cracked pipe under the sink, can typically be resolved by in-house maintenance. However, significant issues, like a burst supply line, will often require a more seasoned and professional approach. Additionally, anytime water is contaminated, insurance is involved, or significant restoration is needed, it is best to consult and work with an experienced water restoration company in Bath, NC.

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