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How to Clean Fire Damaged Fabrics

2/21/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning Fabrics After a Fire Often Requires the Professionals at SERVPRO Bath

Fire creates smoke, and smoke can spread throughout an entire building or home. Because smoke rises with the heat and attaches to cooler surfaces, this can cause extensive damage to your property. Soot and soil residue are left behind from gases as the fire burns and touch surfaces throughout your home. Every room in your home and business can be affected because smoke travels. Many fire damage restoration projects in and around the Bath area often require a lot of soot removal and cleaning during the process. Different types of fires emit different kinds of smoke, based on the way it burns. SERVPRO Bath technicians employ a wide variety of cleaning techniques to clean different surfaces inside different spaces. 

When technicians first arrive, their top priority is to test and clean your materials and belongings that were affected. To do this and begin the restoration process, the SERVPRO Bath team determines what can be salvaged and what soot removal process will be work best for each item.

Often times, items inside the home, like carpets and furniture are affected by soil and soot residues. Our trained team has the experience to know what types of methods to use when cleaning residues from fabrics based on the types of soot present. For example, because heat rises, many times carpet can be restored through a cleaning process. However, in some cases carpet collects the fallout of burnt smoke particles.

To clean carpets, SERVPRO technicians start by dry vacuuming the entire affected area. Our vacuums are equipped with high-efficiency filters that can be useful when removing light soot residues from fabrics. However, when soot residues are soaked deeper into carpets, we clean them with detergents and deodorizers.

If any of your upholstered items, such as furniture and draperies, get damaged, we can often remove the residue with dry cleaning methods. If the soot is only on the surface, vacuuming or dry sponges are usually able to get soils from upholstered furniture. In some cases, soot residues can cause furniture to stain. If this occurs, we can clean them with a one percent chlorine bleach cleaning solution to remove any stains.

If you have soot or soil residue following a fire, call SERVPRO of Bath at 252-923-0213.

How to Protect Your Home in Bath, NC from Breached Pipes

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bath would like to offer homeowners what we think are some helpful household tips.

Did you know, that according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), an average cost associated with a breach in your pipes can be up $5,000, and even more if there are water damage expenses? Did you also know that pipe insulation, which you can easily install yourself around exposed piping, costs as little as fifty cents per linear foot?

Here are some places in your home that we suggest you inspect for possible water:

  • All your pipes along your exterior walls.
  • Under sinks – kitchen and bathroom,
  • Your attic, and
  • The creepy crawl spaces under the house.

Here are some simple signs of breached pipe you should be searching for:

  • Wet spots under sinks, counters and cabinets,
  • Slow drains,
  • Clogs throughout your home,
  • Wet spots in yard, and
  • Sewer odors coming from your yard.

In case of an emergency, every homeowner should know where their home’s main water shut off valve is located. This shut off is usually located outside the house, but if you can’t locate it, ask someone who might be able to help you.

If you do experience any water damage due to a pipe burst call SERVPRO of Bath immediately. The safest way to prevent extended water damage is to call in our team so our professionals get begin the restoration process.

It's The Water You Don't See that Causes the Most Damage

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Even small water damages have the potential to cause serious indoor air quality and structural issues to property over time.

The key to preventing expensive future restoration costs is to handle every water problem immediately and as a real threat to your property. And, using the proper equipment makes a huge difference in reducing the expenses caused during a water damage loss. When time matters most, technology and equipment must be counted on to perform as it should.

Here are a few tools used by the trained professional at SERVPRO of Bath to properly mitigate a loss;

  • Moisture Sensors – these are used to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards and walls.
  • Moisture Meters – these are used to determine the moisture content of various materials. The meter provides readings to accurately monitor the drying process.
  • Thermo Hygrometers – this measures temperature and relative humidity which calculates and creates an environment that is most conducive to drying. When handling a contaminated loss, you need to not only dry the structure, but disinfect and deodorize it.
  • Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV) Foggers are used to atomize liquid deodorizing agents. These produce a fine mist that easily penetrates the site where odor-causing residues can accumulate. It can also be used to inject disinfectants and fungicides into walls and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Thermal Foggers – they dispense solvent-based products and create a dense fog consisting of tiny particles of a deodorant solution that will attach to and neutralize odor causing particles.

So, the bottom line is this,  ALWAYS treat water damage seriously. Call in a professional team like SERVPRO of Bath. We will work for you to restore your property and so you can move on with life.

Type of Water Damage and Classifications That Can Happen to your Property

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

In this blog, we will be explaining some of the basics of water damage and how they can affect your home and your health. Water damage is the leading offender when it comes to property damage and water restoration needs.

Believe it or not, this actually surprises most people, because when they hear water damage they usually imagine a flood from a nearby river, storm surge from the ocean, or a natural disaster. And, while events as such as those do occur, there are more common ways for water damage to affect your home, and these include:

  • Toilet overflows
  • Appliance leaks from your refrigerator, washing machine, ice machine, etc.
  • Baths, shower and sink overflows or left running without attendance
  • Broken/leaky water pipes behind the walls and ceilings
  • Drainage issues around the property
  • Roof leaks and compromised exterior
  • Damage from rain, wind and storms

As you can see, water damage can originate from either external or internal sources and once it gets into your home it is important to know what kind of water you are dealing with. What do we mean by, what kind of water?

At SERVPRO, we recognize water in THREE different categories:

CATEGORY 1 –  We also refer to this as “Clean Water,” means the water originated from a sanitary source and generally will not pose a risk to our health.

CATEGORY 2  – We also refer to this as “Grey Water,” means the water contains some contamination and is not sanitary enough for human consumption and that poses a health risk if ingested.

CATEGORY 3 – Also referred to us in the industry as “Black Water,” is the type of water that is completely contaminated and could contain disease-causing organisms, and other harmful materials.

Now you know the three categories of water and how it can enter into your home. Each are different categories of water damage, and each comes with their own do's and don'ts on how to handle them. Restoration professionals like SERVPRO Bath have advanced training and expertise, and a large amount of hands-on experience to handle any water damage emergency.

So if you need help, call us today!

Strategic Placement of Air Movers to Dry Flood Damage throughout your home.

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO help limit the losses in your home after a flood damage.

Large residences can suffer without explanation from flooding situations. As weather alerts reach their peak, this period of winter poses a threat of flash flooding. Flash floods can travel up to nine feet per second, picking up gravel, rocks and mud. The sheer force of rushing water can break through windows and doors, quickly flooding lower levels of homes leaving homeowners powerless. You may not be able to stop floodwaters, but you can limit the losses caused by them by bringing in professionals.

Emergency services for flood damage are available the Washington and Bath areas all year round. The emergency aspect of water restoration depends on removing water quickly so as to mitigate losses. The role of a restorer does not stop at removing standing water. Wet property is just as likely to suffer damages as flooded properties. SERVPRO’s qualified technicians ensure the drying procedure is as effective at mitigating losses as the removal procedure is at stopping immediate concerns.

When floors are wet, it raises the humidity levels as the moisture evaporates. As water evaporates, it can create a boundary layer of air that inhibits further evaporation. To combat this, SERVPRO of Bath technicians use air movers to keep air circulating and replace humid boundary layers with dryer sheets. This plays a significant role in the length of time it takes to restore your property to preloss condition.

SERVPRO technicians may use as many as twenty air-movers to promote constant airflow. Air movers use centrifugal motion to move large volumes of air and use a daisy chain fitting to ensure multiple units can be set up in a room with just one power cord. This type of placement of air movers ensures that it’s possible to circulate air from one or two open points of outdoor air. If security is a concern, air movers are positioned in a closed-circuit system which uses dehumidifiers to provide dry air.

Drying flooded property can reduce claims and secondary losses. Contact SERVPRO of Bath if you’ve suffered flood damage today.

Winter Storm Help - Be Prepared

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

Winter weather in North Carolina can be very unpredictable. Although snow has not been in the forecast yet this year, it can prove to be beneficial to make sure your home, car and any other surrounding areas are ready for any impending storm. Here are a few helpful tips for homeowners;

Salt the pavement around your house: although the city is pretty good with clearing the roads around your home, the sidewalks and pathways are left up to you to clear them. To make things easier on a homeowner, once you know that a storm is headed your way, you can spread salt on your driveway and walkway. If you place salt down prior to a snowstorm, you can reduce the ice that forms underneath any piles of snow.

Keep a steady drip in your pipes.  With snow comes freezing temperatures and this leaves your pipes vulnerable. And, if they freeze, they can definitely burst. If you have a subtle but steady drip of warm water running through the pipes, it will help keep your pipes from freezing during these conditions.

Don’t forget to create a winter ready emergency kit. If you have a storm, you never know the strength of it so you need to make sure you keep you and your family safe. You can do this by creating and keeping a winter ready emergency kit on hand. Just a couple things to keep in the kit are bottled water, batteries, a functioning radio, different types and layers of clothing, blankets and nonperishable food items.

SERVPRO of Bath has a 24/7 emergency response team that is well-versed to handle all storm damage in Beaufort County. We’re here for your emergency for both residential and commercial properties in the area.

If You Own a Business in Bath, NC – You Should Have an ERP in Place

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Believe it or not, an average of fifty percent of businesses that close due to a disaster never reopen? The great majority of businesses that do survive disasters such as flooding, fire and mold had a preparedness plan in place long before the disaster occurred.

The key factor to making it through any disaster, whether it be a small water leak, a large  fire, or damage from storm surge is preparation. And, the perfect time to plan for these events is well before it happens.

Our Emergency Ready Profile serves as a guide of important building and contact information. It can be the perfect complement to a plan you already have in case of an emergency. The SERVPRO ERP outlines proper contacts for specific types of loss, as well as photos and detailed descriptions on where specific emergency items, such as different turn offs, are within your building. 

A plan such as ours help businesses so that they’re not simply reacting to disaster situations. This plan helps owners be proactive and take the appropriate steps to creating a relationship with a restoration services company before a disaster occurs.

SERVPRO is a leader in fire and water damage response and mitigation. We can help you get your property and business cleaned up and back in working order. By working with SERVPRO of Bath, your business receives the benefit of having over 40 years of experience reducing the impact of both natural and man-made disasters.

Call SERVPRO of Bath to put together your emergency ready profile today!

Storm Damage or Flood Damage, which do you have?

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

Over the last couple years eastern North Carolina has experience both, but how do you know which applies to your property?

The greatest distinction between flood and storm damage is that flood waters generally over spills a natural body or water and covers at least two acres of land that would typically be dry land and storm waters come from above.

In order for water damage to be considered flood damage, it must cover two acres but also has affect at least two properties. Flooding occurs when water overflows a body of water such as:

  • Creeks or Rivers
  • Dams
  • Storm-water channels
  • Ponds and Lakes

Damage caused by either flooding or storms can cause severe problems for home and property owners. You should try to plan for, prevent and handle these as soon as they occur. Damage to your property due to storm damage typically originates from causes such as:

  • Heavy rain
  • High winds
  • Hurricanes
  • Heavy snow and blizzards
  • Tornadoes

Most insurance policies do provide protection from storm damage. However, you will need additional insurance to cover the expenses of flood damage. If own property located in a flood plain, you need to make sure you carry the necessary insurance policy to ensure you have protected your investment.

Remember this, regardless of the source of moisture, the risk of mold damage and any secondary damage caused within your home, that comes from not taking action quickly, can be just as severe.

SERVPRO of Bath is here to help. Give us a call 24/7 at 252-537-3473

Be Prepared for Freezing Temperatures & Frozen Precipitation

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

Although the weather has been warm, we still have a lot of cold weather ahead of us. Eastern North Carolina still has several months where the temperatures will most definitely go below freezing. Water is definitely a necessity, but frozen water can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. Water is unique in that it expands as it freezes, thus causing plastic and metal to break.

Common issues with pipes that are prone to freeze are:

  • Water supply pipes in unheated interior areas such as crawl spaces, basements, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets.
  • Pipes that run against exterior walls and have little or no insultation
  • Pipes exposed to severe cold, such as outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, and water sprinkler lines.

Several Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Try keeping your thermostat at the same temperature day and night.
  • Consider setting your temperature at 55* if you are going to be away from your home during a cold snap.
  • If you have supply lines in your garage, keep the doors closed.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around your plumbing if they are prone to freeze
  • Let cold water drip from faucets which have exposed pipes.

We hope these tips will help you avoid frozen pipes. However, if you notice damage from frozen temperatures as things begin to thaw out – react quickly and call SERVPRO of Bath. Remember, frozen pipes can quickly cause a lot of damage to your property. If and when this happens, give us a call, we’re here 24/7 and can make it, "Like it never even happened®."

Let a Disaster Remediation Company Improve the Mitigation Process

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

When customers have flood, fire or storm damage their personal or commercial property in eastern North Carolina, they often turn to us as a knowledgeable and reliable restoration company. They know we’re always here when they need us. Our service team is available 24/7 because we know that is important when managing the restoration process and saving your personal or business items.

Here are three ways a professional disaster remediation company can improve the mitigation procedure with a quick response.

  1. Timing Is Essential to Minimal Damage and Loss

When the initial call is made, the disaster team must be able to move quickly because decisions about the scene, water removal, and area restoration often require quick and comprehensive decisions. You will want a restoration service that responds to your call as soon as possible. You don’t want to try and handle the job on your own and make matters worse. By calling a restoration company that offers immediate on-site response with certified technicians, you’ll know you’ll receive up-to-date reports on the status of the job soon after the process begins.

  1. Quick Mitigation is Imperative

A quick response is important, but so is mitigating the standing water at disaster scene. Experienced restoration and remediation service personnel understand that they have a 24-hour window before mold and mildew often begin growing in the wet environment. Immediate mitigation at the scene can help prevent the growth of mold which causes more damage.

  1. Restoration is Vital

Once the water has been removed, the restoration process can begin. Repairing an area can be less expensive than removing and rebuilding, so it is important to dry the area out quickly and begin the initial site assessment to look for further damage. We know our clients depends on us as a quick, reliable restoration team.

Hiring a knowledgeable team with 24/7 availability allows home and business owners to prevent further damage and get back to work as quickly as possible. Call SERVPRO of Bath and let us help.