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4 Things That Cause Leaking Toilets

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Image of toilet removed to repair the wax seal It's important to repair a leaking toilet to avoid further damage.

A leaking toilet can cause a lot of damage if you don't correct the issue early on. Just one leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons each year, increasing your water bill and causing a lot of damage to your home. Before you end up investing in expensive water restoration and cleanup work, take steps to determine the cause of the problem:

4 Steps to Determine The Cause of a Leaking Toilet

1. Faulty Flapper and/or Valve

If your toilet runs continuously after you flush it, the most likely problem is a flapper that isn't lifting or closing properly. When you flush, a chain connected to the toilet handle lifts up the flapper and then releases the flapper to close, prompting the refill cycle. If the flapper doesn't close securely, the toilet may continue to run until you fix it.

2. Toilet Fill Valve Problems

There are several things that can cause problems with the toilet fill valve. For example, debris may get into the valve, valves could get broken, and cheap valves often wear out quickly. A damaged or malfunctioning valve could cause the toilet to run or stop the toilet from flushing. It's important to understand that even if you don't hear the water running, you could still have a bathroom leak.

3. Worn or Damaged Wax Seal

At the base of the toilet, there's a wax seal that keeps water inside the plumbing system. When the ring ages, you may notice a small pool of water around the leaking toilet. Although you need to remove the toilet to complete this repair, it's a pretty straightforward process, and many homeowners tackle this repair on their own.

4. Expert Only Problems

There are some issues that you should leave to the professionals. Some examples of these problems include a broken tank flange or an improperly installed toilet. You certainly don't want to leave a repair only partially completed or improperly completed, especially when new leaks won't be visible because they're inside the toilet.

Reach out to plumbers and other professionals in Washington, NC, for more information about the most common toilet issues and the repairs that you can complete on your own. You'll be glad to keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Features of Good Air Purifiers

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Image of an air purifier Air purifiers can be effective in avoiding future problems.

There are many things you can do to prevent mold growth in your home in Washington, NC, such as controlling moisture and maintaining steady air flow. Another tactic you can try is using an air filtration system to remove some mold spores from the air before they have a chance to settle and multiply. Not all devices are the same, though, so it's vital to know the features you need to seek to find one that is effective against mold.

2 Features of Air Purifiers

HEPA Filter

The main job of an air purifier is to remove impurities from the space around it, leaving behind fresher, cleaner air. A HEPA filter is designed to remove very small particles:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores

To be classified a True HEPA filter according to Department of Energy standards, it must trap 99.97% of the particles that are 0.3 microns. When shopping for an air filtration device, don't settle for a HEPA-like filter. A HEPA filter may cost more, but its performance will likely make it worth the extra money.

Activated Carbon Filter

Another problem that often comes with mold is the musty odor. Once you have a growth in your home, it may take a while for the smell to dissipate even after mold mitigation specialists have finished the cleanup process. Even the best HEPA filter you can buy doesn't get rid of musty smells. The gases that cause the lingering stench in your home are too small for it to capture. A purifier with an activated carbon filter, however, traps odors from the area around it by absorbing the gases into the filter itself. If you want to remove not only the particles causing the odor but the gases they leave behind, you need a purifier with this feature.

When it comes to mold prevention, cleaning up existing growth is only half the battle. An air filtration system that lowers the concentration of spores in your home can be effective in avoiding future problems.

Investment Property Owners and Flood Damage Responsibility

11/13/2020 (Permalink)

Image of a street flooded causing damage to near by buildings. Flooding can cause severe damage to your building.

There is a significant draw to real estate for investors. Rental properties often provide a high reward, but profit is not without its fair share of risks as with any investment. However, tenants share the risk, so renter's insurance is often a crucial part of any move.
As the owner of the property, you have responsibility for the environment and structure of your facility. You do not, however, carry the burden for the personal property of tenants in most instances. A property owner must maintain several aspects of the building and facade.

  • Ensure working utilities
  • Maintain a livable environment
  • Provide a clean living or working space

Keeping Up With Responsibilities

The responsibility of a property owner varies from state-to-state, but in general, Washington, NC, abides by federal housing regulations, protecting tenants from slum lords.
While you may keep up with standard maintenance around your building, you need to remember that prompt intervention after a disaster or other property damage is also your job. If you wait several days to fix a leak, you risk mold and flood damage. Depending on the speed of your actions, a judge may find you negligent, which is a costly judgment.
If you expect your insurance coverage to help reduce overall repair costs, you need to stay on top of issues. Any sign of delay can appear like negligence, and most insurers will not cover damage that results from ignoring a problem.

Knowing the Difference Between Responsibility and Fault

You may be responsible for repairing a building after a flood, but that does not mean that damage to a renter's property is your fault. If an external flood damages your building's structure, then contact your insurer to assess the damage, but if the same flood ruins a tenant's property, tell them to their renter's insurance provider.
Investing in real estate can lead to significant gains. Still, you need to know when a commercial insurance policy is necessary, and when a tenant's renter's insurance should foot the bill.

For more clarification, contact a local mitigation company.

The Importance Of Keeping Doors Closed.

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know nearly 60% of people sleep with their door open at night? That simple decision could mean life or death in the occurrence of a house fire. A closed door can slow the spread of flames, decrease toxic smoke, enhance oxygen levels, and reduce temperatures. The average time to escape a house fire as gone from 17 minutes to 3 minutes, due to the increased use of synthetics in furniture and home construction, flammable materials and contemporary open floor plans.  

In addition to keeping your doors closed at night, it is important to keep your bedroom doors closed during the day while you’re away as well. If a fire starts in your home, the closed doors offer better protection to the personal items inside your bedroom. Also, it is important to get your children in the habit of closing their bedroom doors as well. Teach fire safety to your family and the importance of keeping doors closed.  

Mold Remediation Process explained.

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

1: Contact SERVPRO of Bath (252) 923-0213 

The mold cleanup and restoration process will begin when you call our office. Our office will ask a series of different questions to help us decide the right equipment, resources, and personnel best fit for you.  

2: Inspection  

SERVPRO of Bath will carefully inspect your residence or commercial business for visible signs of mold.  

3: Mold Containment 

SERVPRO professionals use diverse containment methods to prevent the spread of mold. They may use modern containment procedures such as, negative air chambers to separate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup operation. All fans and heating and cooling systems will need to be turned off to stop the spread of mold. 

4: Air Filtration 

Our unique filtration equipment allows our technicians to catch microscopic mold spores out of the air. We use powerful air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to prevent the spread of these mold spores while the mold remediation is in process. 

5: Removing Mold  

The mold remediation process depends on the amount of mold growth and the types of surfaces on which the mold appears. Our techs use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to remove mold colonies and to help put a stop to new colonies from reestablishing. Removing and discarding of mold-infested porous materials, like drywall and carpeting, may be necessary to remediate hefty mold growth. 

6: Cleaning Contents  

SERVPRO will clean all your belongings that have been affected by mold. We use a variation of cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize your possessions. We are also trained to remove odors using fogging equipment. 

7: Restoration 

Depending on the level of mold damage, building materials may be removed. Restoration may involve minor repairs, for instance, replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet; or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a business or home.  

Tips for Mold Damage

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

48 hours. That’s how quickly mold can become a problem in your business or home when there’s an invasion of water, like a broken/leaky water line, or a roof leak. Mold can cause damage not only to your property but to your health as well. SERVPRO of Bath has the specialized equipment necessary and expert training to handle your mold problem. 

If you have a mold problem in your home or business, review the facts listed below: 

  • Children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems are at greater risk with mold and health problems.  
  • A strong, musty odor could possibly mean there is hidden mold under carpet or behind drywall.  
  • Outstanding mold growth can occur in 48-72 hours. 

What you should do:  

  • Contact SERVPRO of Bath for mold estimates and remediation services. 
  • Stay away from mold affected areas. 
  • Turn off all HVAC system and fans. 

Have a Mold Problem? 
Call SERVPRO of Bath- (252) 923-0213

Top Ten Things That Cause Home Fires

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fires

Every home faces the potential for an assortment of risks with the most dangerous being a house fire. An accidental fire can occur from many items and can decimate a house in minutes if it is not handles properly and quickly. While proper insurance can help your financial loss, it is better to understand and try to prevent the situations that lead to house fires. Most homes have many combustible items.

This list is meant to help you not only identify potential issues but also lower the risk of having a house fire. Whether it’s a candle accidentally burning throughout the night, faulty cooking equipment or another scenario, homeowners should be aware of the most common causes of house fires and work to minimize and prevent accidents before they occur.

  1. Your Grill

During the outdoor cooking season, grills left unattended on a wooden deck or next to the wall of a home can cause a fire. A heated grill next to a wooden fence can easily cause fire, and grills can also ignite the exterior walls of a home or garage if they are placed too close.

9.Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are everyone’s holiday favorite and a staple of the holiday season, but they come with risks. Especially when the trees begin to dry out.  A quick spark can set the whole tree on fire, so make sure to keep your tree’s water reservoir full and to unplug the tree when you are not at home.

  1. Faulty Wiring in Your Home

These fires erupt from overheating. To reduce this risk, make sure systems are installed properly with protective features.

  1. Kids Playing with Fire

Children are curious and sometimes get access to flammable objects which puts your property at risk. This includes matches, stove tops, candles and more. Make sure to keep lighters, candles, and matches away from the reach of small children.

  1. Candles

The lighters and matches utilized to light candles are just as dangerous as the candle themselves. Fires can start from unsupervised candles and children getting a hold of them.

  1. Electrical Equipment

These normally happen from short circuiting which causes sparks and ignites materials in your home. These are difficult to locate, because they are often hidden and a fire can begin burning before the homeowners know they have a problem

  1. Careless Smoking

Cigarette butts are a large perpetrator for house fires. They can be left unattended or dropped.

  1. Flammable liquids

Chemical fires occur from spontaneous combustion: a reaction of chemicals combining with oxygen producing enough heat to ignite. Be sure to store fuels and chemicals in proper containers that are protected from the heat.

  1. Heating Equipment

When in the presence of fabrics, space heaters and baseboard heaters can create a household fire. It’s recommended to never leave the house with any type of space heater running.

  1. Cooking Equipment

The most common of household fires come from cooking – this makes up almost half of all house fires. This can occur from grease and oil being overheated on the stove. For grease and oil to combust without needing direct flame contact, the open flames and ovens are left unattended and aren't attended until it is too late. Another source are portable cooking appliances such as toasters and electric griddles. These appliances must be cool to the touch before being stored away. Practice safety by making sure to clean pans to eliminate grease along with removing crumbs and scraps from toasters and electric griddles.

Contact SERVPRO of Bath if you need help after any type of household fire.

SERVPRO of Bath can handle commercial fires

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can help with the restoration after a commercial fire

When your commercial property has been severely compromised by fire damage, you need to rely on the expert assistance of a locally owned and operated restoration service. The damage caused by fire doesn't end when the flames are out. On the contrary, even after the fire has been extinguished, a host of other problems can develop.

When it comes to professionally controlling the commercial fire damage in your workplace, your best bet is to contact a restoration service that has experience in dealing with them, SERVPRO of Bath. While the fire itself may have caused considerable damage to your property, other things like debris, smoke, and mold growth, can threaten and try to keep your doors closed. When you call SERVPRO of Bath, we immediately begin the cleanup process to help you get your business back open.

A professional commercial fire damage restoration company like us offers an all-in-one solution. We will send a team of trainer and knowledgeable professionals to begin the immediate inspection of the property. Next, we will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem along with an estimate for our services. You are under no obligation until you agree to have our team begin the restoration work to your property.

Once the initial assessment and inspection have been completed, SERVPRO Bath will conduct a cleanup and restoration program. We safely discard remaining debris, remediate any mold or bacterial growth, and clean any stains or blemishes the fire may have caused. We are also able to remove stubborn odors that could still be lingering by utilizing ozone machines and foggers.

When it comes to cleaning up after a commercial fire, our service is to focus on any efforts to restore rather than replace property. Restoration will speed up the process to get your business up and running again. This will minimize loss of profits that would be increased if you had to wait for a new property to be built. We also focus on restoration of damaged documents, stock, and furnishings to expedite your opening. "Like it never even happened."

When it comes to dealing with the effects of a commercial fire damage, we are your locally owned and operated restoration and cleanup authority. When fire damage threatens your property in we will be there to assist you. Call SERVPRO of Bath.

Even the smallest amount of water can lead to mold growth

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

A small leak in your Bath, NC home can lead to mold

You had a small water leak, no big deal, you cleaned it up yourself.  Everything looks dried out and the problem is solved.  But now, a little time later, you see mold.  If you see visible mold, your best move is to leave it alone and call professionals. When you disturb mold by trying to remove it, you can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. Mold spores are microscopic and when you try to clean them, the mold can release tiny spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home. Call the professionally trained technicians at SERVPRO of Bath, we’re here to help with your mold mitigation.

What should you do?

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO Bath for mold remediation service immediately, we’re IICRC professionals.

What should you Not to Do:

  • Do not touch or disturb any mold you find.
  • Do not blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Do not attempt to dry or mitigate the area yourself.
  • Do not spray bleach or other disinfectants onto the mold.

About the Mold Remediation Services at SERVPRO of Bath

SERVPRO of Bath specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it is one of the cornerstones of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely. We are locally owned and operated.  Contact us for services when you first find mold in your home or business.

DIY after a fire is never a good idea, call the professionals at SERVPRO to help

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO of Bath help with your fire damage

Once your home Beaufort County, NC is affected by a fire, your main priority is getting your home cleaned and repaired. In many cases, this desire leads people to try and do the projects themselves. If this were your plan, you should reconsider. If the fire damage is of any significance, many concerns need to be addressed. Can you do all of things you need to do yourself?

Standing water left behind after fire extinguishing efforts of the local fire department have several important consequences. The resulting water damage can be furniture, electronics, clothing, drywall, ceilings, flooring, and more. Water removal must be done quickly. SERVPRO utilizes water pumps, wet-vacs, high-velocity fans and dehumidifiers to extract the water and moisture quickly, thereby mitigating the damage. Unfortunately, fire damage also comes with water damage.

The smoke damage that results from a fire can quite dangerous. Actually, the smoke left behind can become embedded in your furniture, flooring, carpets, and walls. If left unhandled, the smoke damage can remain in your property for years. Soot, another by-product of specific fires, needs special attention for proper clean up to avoid staining of walls and furniture. Effectively removing smoke requires the use of professional procedures and products that fire restoration specialists from SERVPRO of Bath have in their arsenal.

In many cases, homeowners who seek to complete the remediation process on their own will throw away items that can be saved. Instead, allow SERVPRO to assist you with this aspect of the restoration process. We will assess, inspect and inventory your property. These inventories affected household items and classifies them into non-salvageable, salvageable or questionable lists. Items can be containerized and cleaned at our facility by our IICRC-trained technicians.

If you attempt to complete the fire restoration process without professional assistance, the project will take a lot of time and probably lack positive results. However, hiring us to put your home back in a repaired, healthy condition enables you to feel confident of the restoration. Consider the effort, equipment, and training involved in successfully restoring your home to its pre-fire condition.

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Bath is close by and ready to respond to your smoke or fire damage emergency in Washington, Bath and other surrounding areas. We are proud to be an active member of our community. Call us to help.