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Protection Against Damage When High Winds Threaten

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

Hurricane shutters. Use hurricane shutters to protect your Washington, NC, home from high winds.

The time to purchase hurricane shutters is long before high winds lead to a hurricane warning. Once the warning arrives, you may have less than 36 hours to prepare, and it may be difficult to find storm shutters when everyone else is also scrambling to get them to protect their Washington, NC, homes.

Protect Your Home From High Winds

Of course, hurricanes aren't the only type of storm that brings powerful winds, and these storms often mean flooding, thunder, lightning, extreme temperatures, and even wildfire. Every step you take to protect your home is a vital part of surviving and recovering from storm-related damage. Here's a closer look at preparing for strong winds:

1. Check Your Exterior Property

Look around your yard and take stock of your belongings. Do you have furniture, toys, and tools that could be thrown around by the wind? Those items can cause a lot of damage when they are flung against your home, your car, or your neighbors' properties. Avoid this trouble by providing a secure storage location where you can quickly secure your outside possessions.

2. Storm-proof Your Landscape

Weak branches and landscape rocks become projectiles during high winds. Consistently clear out rocks, loose debris, and fallen branches from your yard. Check trees and shrubs for evidence of weakness and have them pruned regularly to keep them healthy. You may even want to talk to neighbors if there are potential hazards in their yards.

3. Protect Your Roof

The large, exposed surface of your roof is easily damaged during storms. One of the best ways to prevent serious harm is to schedule yearly inspections, maintenance, and repairs. If there are loose tiles or shingles, gaps between materials, or weakened areas, your roof may expose the rest of your home to damage. Consider the addition of roof strappings for added protection against wind.

4. Protect Windows and Glass Doors

Storm shutters are one of the best types of protection. There are several varieties, including aluminum accordion, roll-up, roll-down, and Bahama shutters. Each option has pros and cons, including pricing and installation considerations. It's best to talk through your options with experienced professionals in Washington, NC. You can also decrease potential damage by adding shatter-resistant film.

5. Reinforce Doors and Garage Doors

Many garage doors, in particular, are susceptible to powerful bursts of wind. Use girts to reinforce the door itself and then strengthen wheel tracks. Other doors throughout your home can be secured with heavy-duty deadbolts, using slide bolts and long hinge attachments for increased security.

6. Maintain Your Home

Routine maintenance solves a lot of problems and regularly prevents expenses for storm and water damage cleanup. As part of your routine care, make sure that all cracks and gaps are sealed to keep wind, water, and debris away from vulnerable areas of the home. Use a waterproof sealant and make sure that all holes, especially around wiring and pipes, are tightly sealed.

There are many steps you can take to mitigate storm damage. Get more information about preventing property damage from high winds by talking to your insurance company, property damage experts, and your local planning and zoning department.

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